Genie GS1932

This self-propelled Electric Scissor Lift is an industry solution for increasing worksite productivity. Ideal for manoeuvring in tight spaces, they’re excellent for indoor and outdoor construction, maintenance and installation applications with firm, level surfaces. Characterized by low noise levels, these lifts provide excellent capacity and maximum platform workspace.

Machine Type:  Genie 1932 Battery Scissor Lift

Platform Height:  5.8 metres / 19 Foot

Working Height:  7.8 metres / 25 Foot

Platform Size:  1.57 metres x 0.70 metres

Overall Width:  0.81 metres / 32 inches

Overall Length:  1.82 metres

Overall Height:  2.11 metres

Height with Rails Folded:  1.76 metres

Weight:  1503 kgs

Powered by:  Battery (charged by Mains)

Maximum Weight capacity: 227Kg