Clipper Saw Hire


  • Continuous depth control with a handwheel. The depth is indicated by a gauge (patent pending). Easy to service 4 V belts drive.

  • Cutting depth up to 140 mm.

  • Removable 20 litre

  • polyurethane water tank with large opening for filling, Inbuild coupling for external water supply.

  • Easely adjustable handle to the size of the operator.

  • The handle stays at the same level at any cutting depth.

  • Vibration reduced by heavy duty frame.

  • Optimal weight distribution results in outstanding cutting performance.

  • Shaft locking device for easy blade removing.

  • Pivoting blade guard, stays permanently on the machine.

  • Standard 20 mm twin blade mounting.

  • Lifting hook in the center of gravity of the floor saw.

  • Easy access to the fuel tank. All neccessary tools stored on the control panel.

  • Rear wheels and blade shaft bearings equipped with grease nipples.

  • Rear wheel in recess from the cut and permits to cut in parallel of an open trench.

  • Parking brake for safety.

  • Heavy duty pillow block bearings on 30mm blade shaft.


Max. blade ø                     400 mm

Max. depth of cut 

     - ø400                            140 mm

     - ø350                            115 mm

Bore                                    25,4 mm

Twin blade mounting        20 mm

Blade shaft speed             2850 min-1

V-Belts                                4

Water capacity                  20 L

Sound pressure                (Honda) 88 dB(A)

Sound power                    (Honda) 105 dB(A)